Friday, September 25, 2020
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Taiwan Economic Journal (TEJ) was founded in April 1990 in Taiwan to provide the best quality, in-depth and extensive financial data and corporate information of financial markets in Asia.  Recognized as the most authoritative and reliable source of data in Taiwan, customers requested that TEJ extend its coverage to the other countries in the region so as to provide the same high quality data that financial institutions around the world can rely on.  We are proud to currently offer the most complete database on all eight major countries in the region at present and we expect to continue our exceptional growth by adding coverage of Japanese markets in 2008.




The original goal of TEJ was to create a comprehensive financial database of Great China.  After completing the Taiwan database, TEJ started to build the China database in 1994 and completed it 2 years later.  In 1997, TEJ started building its Hong Kong financial market database, and finished it at the end of 1998. In the following years, TEJ continued to build the Asia databases and cover the other countries through controlled growth to insure the same high quality of data that it is now renowned for by financial institutions around the world.




Because of TEJ's long expertise in Taiwan and China markets, these are the countries for which we have the most extensive records.  Thanks to this experience, we aim to continue to leverage our strengths by providing the best financial database for other markets in the region. Thanks to our expertise in financial data, many authoritative international database providers have adopted TEJ as their primary data source: including such firms as DATASTREAM, Dialog, QUICK (in Japan), Capital Interactive Prospective, BARRA, REUTERS, Thomson Financial, etc.



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