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There are three major stock traded markets in Korea


(一)   KSE: Korea Stock Exchange was established on March 3,1956. As of November 13, 2006, there were 729 listed companies.


()  KOSDAQ: KOSDAQ was established on May 3,1996. As of November 13, 2006, there were 952 listed



()  Free Board: Free Board was established in March, 2000.  As of November 13, 2006, there were 55 listed companies. It was previously called the Korea Over The Center Bulletin Board (KOTC) until it changed to its current name in July, 2005.


On January 27,2005, the Korea Exchange (KRX) was newly established by consolidating three of the domestic exchanges: Korea Stock Exchange (KSE), KOSDAQ Market, and Korea Futures Exchange (KOFEX).



The main financial goods in Korea are classified as follows:


(一) SecuritiesCommon stockpreferred stockwarrantsbeneficiary certificates, REITs,  ETFs,

     and ELS.


(二) BondsInclude government bonds, municipal bonds, corporate bonds, special bonds, etc.


(三) OthersStock index futuresStock index optionsindividual Equity OptionsELWs,  derivatives


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