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     Taiwan Economic Journal Co. (TEJ), established in April 1990 in Taiwan, is a financial content aggregator, a distributor, and a wholesaler for the financial services industry. With extensive experience in financial data collection and content processing as well as our strong commitment to data quality and timeliness, TEJ has built and maintained the most complete and reliable historical data bank to help our customers succeed. Along with our resilient and fully-redundant infrastructure, the timely and continuous aggregated financial content is delivered to our customers through customized data feeds or through our proprietary platform.

     Our database coverage expanded from Taiwan stock markets in 1991 to China and Hong Kong markets in 1994 and 1997 respectively.  Pleased with the quality and timeliness of our data, our customers encouraged us to expand our coverage in the region such that we now have extended our coverage to Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Japan.

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Database Coverage:

There are 1496 listing companies (TSE and GreTai) in Taiwan.

There are 1640 listing companies (HKSE and HKGEM) in H.K..

There are 2489 isting companies (Shanghai and Shenzhen) in China.

There are 778 listing companies (Main Board and Catalist) in Singapore.

There are 929 listing companies (Main Board ACE) in Malaysia.

There are 1818 listing companies (KSE and KOSDAQ) in Korea.

There are 260 listing companies (PSE) in Philippines.

There are 661 listing companies (SET ) in Thailand.

There are 3403 listing companies (TSE&OSE) in Japan. (Tokyo market)

(the above figures are the numbers valid in December 2013)

Macroeconomic Indicators Database:


More than 300 items with latest and historical    prices


The statistics of national accounts

Financial Report Types:


Annual report


Interim report


Parent / Consolidated report

Original Financial Reports in PDF format:


Annual / interim financial for all listed companies


All reports are stored in image file in PDF format

Financial Report Database:


300 financials in B/S, I/S and C/F


Footnote and disclosure


Sales, earning estimates (monthly)


Verified and constructed financial ratios

Corporate Database:


Director and supervisors


Sales breakdown / product mixes


Holder structures


lnvestment / debt details

Corporate Actions Database:


IPO and underwriting information


Dividend type and associate ratios


Bonus / right issue, ex-right, payment dates


Board /General shareholder meeting Date

Security Market Database:


Adjusted / unadjusted trade prices


Main / sector indices with constitutes


Mutual fund with portfolio


Derivatives (warrants, futures)





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