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Database Coverage :

There are 1356 listing companies (TSE and GreTai) in Taiwan.

There are 1461 listing companies (HKSE and HKGEM) in H.K..
There are 2273 listing companies (Shanghai and Shenzhen) in China.
There are 784 listing companies (Main Board and Catalist) in Singapore.
There are 966 listing companies (Main Board 、Second Board、MESDAQ) in Malaysia.

There are 1848 listing companies (KSE and KOSDAQ) in Korea.

There are 251 listing companies (PSE) in Philippines.

There are 519  listing companies (SET) in Thailand.

There are 3500 listing companies (TSE and OSE) in Japan.

(the above figures are the numbers valid in September 2011)

Macroeconomic Indicators Database:
  lMore than 300 items with latest and historical    prices
  lThe statistics of national accounts
Financial Report Types:
  lAnnual report
  lInterim report
  lParent / Consolidated report
Original Financial Reports in PDF format:
  lAnnual / interim financial for all listed companies
  lAll reports are stored in image file in PDF format
Financial Report Database:
  l300+ financials in B/S, I/S and C/F
  lFootnote and disclosure
  lSales, earning estimates (monthly)
  lVerified and constructed financial ratios
Corporate Database:
  lDirector and supervisors
  lSales breakdown / product mixes
  l Holder structures
  lInvestment / debt details
Corporate Actions Database:
  lIPO and underwriting information
  lDividend type and associate ratios
  l Bonus / right issue, ex-right, payment dates
  lBoard /General shareholder meeting Date
Security Market Database:
  lAdjusted / unadjusted trade prices
  lMain / sector indices with constitutes
  lMutual fund with portfolio
  lDerivatives (warrants, futures)
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