Daily Stock Market
Market Name Date Price/Index Return%
Taiwan Taiwan Security Exchange Corporation-Weighted Stock Index-Total(1966=100) 02/07 15,400.91 0.05%
United States New York-The Dow Jones Industrial Average (30 Companies) 02/07 34,156.85 0.79%
Japan tokyo-Nikkei 225 index 02/07 27,685.47 -0.03%
Hong Kong Hongkong-Hang Seng Index 02/07 21,298.70 0.36%
United States New York S&P 500 Stock Indexes 02/07 4,164.00 1.29%

Products and Services

Data solution

Focus on asia financial market, TEJ collect, clean and check financial public data, built up asia financial database

Risk Management

Develop credit risk index for Taiwan and Chinese enterprises to assist in the management of partners; follow regulations and respond to market needs, establish analysis systems, strengthen corporate risk management mechanisms

Corporate Analytics

TEJ integrates corporate information, analyzes operating conditions, conducts in-depth comparisons with peers, and taps business opportunities with the expertise of data sorting and aggregation

Investment Analytics

Based on historical stock price data and corporate operation-related data, it provides analysis tools and platforms for establishing investment strategies

Valuation Analytics

More than ten years experience in evaluation, providing the most fair, objective and verifiable evaluation of financial assets and Intangible equity.

Corporate Governance

Analyze the characteristics of group companies, thoroughly discuss corporate governance policies, implement responsible investment and responsible credit