About TEJ



About TEJ

The Most Trusted Financial Database in Asia 


Founded in April 1990, Taiwan Economic Journal (TEJ) has been specializing in providing consistent and accurate data for financial analysis that facilitate investment and business decision-making.

Providing high-quality information for decision-making in a verifiable, consistent and timely manner

Since inception, TEJ has become the top provider of financial database of Taiwan and the Greater China. As the financial market becomes more ever-changing and complicated,TEJ is dedicated to make financial data more accessible and provide effective solutions for financial analysis. By recruiting top talents from the industry and academics, we offer value-added services, topic-oriented product portfolios, quantitative models, all of which combined with artificial intelligence and management expertise to achieve instant and comprehensive presentations of analytical results.

What We Do

Guided by our vision of facilitating investment and business decision-making, we develop a variety of financial solutions:

 Investment Analytics

Combining important academic models with historical stock prices and corporate operating data, TEJ Investment Analytics establishs a platform for investment strategy planning and performance analysis.

Credit Risk

When companies evaluate business partners, credit risk is the first priority. Credit risk metrics of TEJ are based on the quantitative models and research team's manual judgment. The methodology applied is open, transparent and verifiable, and other real-time monitoring tools (critical issues / real-time comments / stock price fluctuations) are incoporated to help users manage the credit risk of partners or investment targets.

Business Information

TEJ accelerates analysis of company operations with data cleaning and integration, and we provide the investors and decision-makers with coporate operational data for strategic planning.

ESG Sustainability

TEJ's Corporate Governance database defines the meaning of creditor indicators and combines the OECD's corporate governance structure into a number of indicator-based analysis variables which are suitable for the Taiwan market. We assist you in identifying good companies that protect stakeholders.

Valuation Analytics

With more than 30 years of experience in professional accounting analysis and more than 10 years of evaluation experience, we provide various intangible asset valuation tools and services based on a high-quality database and a verifiable valuation process.

Risk and compliance

Following the changes in the Basel Committee and domestic regulations, TEJ provides four steps in this domain, which are risk calculation, report consolidation, analysis, and reporting. The fully automated system is introduced and the new regulations are well-considered by a professional team. We use this to strengthen the internal control of the enterprise!